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Thief Burglarizes Vehicles At Raleigh Day Cares, Police Say

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh police are warning parents who drop off children at day-care centers in West Raleigh to hide their valuables and lock their car doors after a thief has burglarized vehicles at five day cares and one school over the past six weeks.

Witnesses believe a woman who was seen several times in the parking lot of Kiddie University on Tryon Road may be the culprit.

"I couldn't believe she would come here three times, being seen here, just to keep it up. I think police know who she is but they have to catch her in the act," said Stacey Richards, the facility's owner.

Because the thief may be a woman, police say she might not look out of place in a parking lot. So, they are asking parents to be aware and report any suspicious people or cars that may not look familiar to them.

"Your main focus is with a child," said Country Sunshine caregiver Lauren Livecchi. "Especially, a young child is keeping them dry and warm -- getting in the building as quickly as possible and so you forget to lock your vehicle."

Police say that even though it may be inconvenient, parents should take an extra moment every day to put valuable items, such as a purse or briefcase, out of view and to lock car doors.

Jennifer Romine had a baby in each arm and forgot to lock her car doors at the Child Care Network on Western Boulevard. She paid the price and thinks the thief should, too.

"Why would you steal from a person with two children to feed? Or any children for that matter? Why steal period? It's a horrible thing to do to a person," Romine said.


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