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Downtown Raleigh Could Be 'In Store' For New Addition

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Raleigh City Council approved a low-interest loan Tuesday that would put a grocery store in downtown Raleigh near Logan's Trading Post on Peace Street.

"It really makes us a true urban downtown to be able to have a grocery store and to be an amenity for leasing up all the new residential that's going to be coming," said Downtown Raleigh Alliance President Nancy Hormann.

Hormann said grocery stores are hard to recruit in downtown.

The owner of the new store, which is part of the Seaboard Station Development Project, is also committing to a satellite location in the center of downtown when a suitable space becomes available.

"A grocery store really adds to the feasibility of getting groceries and the daily needs, as a downtown resident, we are looking for," said downtown resident Kris Larson. "Now, it's just an easy bike ride away."

The store will be about 12,000 square feet -- about one-third the size of a typical retail grocery store -- and will have high-end meats and produce, but reasonable prices on basics items such as milk and bread.