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Sixth Case Of Rabies Confirmed In Cumberland County

Posted November 22, 2005 10:53 a.m. EST

— The State Public Health Lab confirmed Tuesday a sixth case of rabies in Cumberland County for the year.

Cumberland County Animal Control picked up a raccoon in the Eastwood Subdivision off Ramsey Street that tested positive for the fatal disease.

County officials said residents in that area should remain alert for sick or abnormal-acting wildlife and urged pet owners to check their pets' vaccination records and to update them immediately, if needed.

The first sign of rabies in animals is a change in behavior and drooling. Animals may become aggressive, attacking for no reason, or they may become very quiet. Wild animals can lose their fear of people and act tame. Animals usually die within a week after first becoming ill.

Animal Control officials also said one of the best ways to prevent an animal bit is to stay away from stray and wild animals. Pets that appear to have been in a fight outside should be handled with caution and examined by a veterinarian.