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Web Site Petitions For Child-Free Sections In N.C. Restaurants

Posted November 18, 2005 11:51 a.m. EST

— You've heard of smoke-free zones. How about child-free zones?

That is the aim of an

Internet petition

that is mounting signatures in North Carolina to have child-free sections in upscale restaurants. The Web site claims to be the voice of adults who are tired of children ruining their nights out.

Arman Atashi, co-owner of the upscale Blue Note restaurant in Cary, says the problem can be avoided as long as restaurant managers do a good job of seating customers.

"But legislating it, mandating it, coming up with rules and guidelines, I'd say we're asking for a headache," Atashi said.

The petition has more than 400 signatures and even got a mention in the New York Times, but not everyone agrees with what people are saying.

Kevin and Lissa Wertz have three kids. They want to know what they are supposed to do.

"I (don't like) the thought that we would have to wait for kids tables at a crowded restaurant, so I'd be worried the idea would catch on a little too well," Kevin Wertz said.

But even the Wertzs agree that as cute as children can be, they can be distracting.

"I think you need to have realistic expectations when you go out," Lissa Wertz said. "If you are going to a casual restaurant that caters to families."