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Pressure Washer Claims Water Restrictions Drying Up Business

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RALEIGH, N.C. — One Raleigh business owner said his profit is drying up due to the city's mandatory water restrictions.

Ron Salyer owns a pressure washing business and said he is getting hurt by tougher water restrictions. He said new construction makes up about 98 percent of his business and more than half the jobs are usually right in the Raleigh city limits.

"We can't do anything in Raleigh. We can do absolutely nothing," Salyer said.

Salyer said he understands the need to conserve, but thinks the city should let companies like his to do some work.

"We'd like just to be able to blow off the driveways," he said.

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker said it is hard to make exceptions for one person unless you are going to do it for all.

"Most of the Stage 2 and (Stage) 3 restrictions do not affect people's employment. Pressure washing is one exception to that and the only thing I can say is, one, of course I'm sorry we've had to do this," he said.

Meeker said they are encouraging business owners to truck in water to keep working. Salyer said he already does that to some extent, but it is more expensive and not always possible.

"I'm out of business, but this homeowner here can water his grass two times a week," he said.

Salyer also questions why car washes are allowed to keep going.

"In terms of the car washes, the ones that are continuing do recycle water so that's different than power washing. In terms of lawn watering, there is some of that still and we're encouraging everybody to stop that now," Meeker said.

Meeker said the city manager already has the authority to move Raleigh to Stage 3 restrictions if necessary. He said they will discuss that possibility next week.


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