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Lose 10 Pounds In 30 Days: Diaries Help To Monitor Progress

Posted November 16, 2005 8:03 a.m. EST

— About 15 days ago, the WRAL Health Team and other employees began a 30-day challenge to lose 10 pounds. From the first day, they began keeping a daily food and exercise diary. A nutrition expert reviewed those diaries to see how well they were following the plan.

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  • The diaries were filled with good choices and occasional lapses. Nutritionist Beth Collins believes the government's new food pyramid is a good road map for getting the right amount in each food group.

    Five On Your Side producer Brandi Crawford eats more salads and less of her favorite foods.

    "Cutting out pizza and ice cream. I've just cut it out," she said.

    Collins said it is a lifestyle, and favorite foods -- even high fat and sweet food -- must be a part of it.

    "We all love them. We need to feel comfortable eating them. But you need to feel what that area of moderation is," she said.

    When WRAL news producer Kyle Hughes snacks at work, he calls it grazing.

    "I got some dry roasted almonds, no salt. Got an apple and some dried apricots," he said.

    Almonds are a good source of protein, but read the label.

    "A serving of almonds would be about 6 (grams), and for those 6, you get 5 grams of fat and about 45 calories," Collins said.

    Snacking on healthy food keeps your metabolism active. If you starve yourself between meals, your body tends to store up calories rather than burn them.

    "Probably not letting more than four hours or so go between something to eat is also a good idea," Collins said.

    The diary reveals when and where people stumble. It has helped WRAL accountant Jodella Lifsey plan ahead for meals.

    "I bring my lunch every day, eliminating even going out to eat or even being conscious of what I order when I go out," Lifsey said.

    Two weeks after the first weigh-in of those participating in the weight loss challenge, the scale shows progress for some and less for others. WRAL.com will continue to follow their journey.