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Adam Sapikowski's Sister: 'I Was In Shock And Frozen In Grief'

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Adam Sapikowski Court
RALEIGH, N.C. — The sister of a Chapel Hill teen accused of killing his parents said in a statement released Tuesday that she was "in shock" that her brother was responsible for their deaths and "frozen in grief" at the loss of her parents.

Through her attorney, Lauren Sapikowski, spoke for the first time about the deaths of James Sapikowski, 52, and Alison Sapikowski, 49, who were found dead in their home in May. Authorities believe the two had been dead at least two weeks before they were found.

"Our parents were good and caring people, and they were private people," she said. "This unbelievable act not only ended their lives, but also brought unwanted attention to our family."

Lauren Sapikowski's brother, Adam Sapikowski, was arrested in May and charged in connection with the slayings.

In September, the 17-year-old teen was moved to the John Umstead Hospital in Butner after telling authorities he was suicidal. Sapikowski's lawyer, James Williams, has said the slayings were rooted in both physical and emotional abuse.

Doctors at Umstead now say that Adam Sapikowski is no longer suicidal or depressed and that he should leave the hospital.

Currently a student at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, Lauren Sapikowski said her parents "tried very hard to make our lives happy and full. They loved us unconditionally and were openly and constantly proud of us. We were given every advantage that a child could have ..."

She did not say in her statement whether she had been in contact with her brother.

In June, Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall told a judge that the teenager's immediate family, including Lauren Sapikowski, were worried about their own safety.

A court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday to determine where Adam Sapikowski will be placed.

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