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Fayetteville Cop Involved In Alleged Burglary Ring Still In Jail

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A former Fayetteville police officer accused of breaking the law will remain in jail until a federal judge decides whether to set bond for him.

During a bond hearing Monday, prosecutors asked a federal magistrate to wait on setting bond for Jared Parsek, who was indicted last month for abusing his position to lead a burglary ring in Fayetteville, Raleigh and Beech Mountain between September 2003 and November 2004.

The theft ring was uncovered during the investigation of a pair of shootings at a North Carolina State tailgate party last year. The gun used in the shootings was linked to Parsek's friend, Justin McCarty, whom the FBI found was connected to the break-ins.

Federal agents said Parsek knew when people would not be at their homes and would tell his friends, who would allegedly burglarize the homes. Agents also said Parsek committed at least one crime while he was still a trainee at the Fayetteville Police Department and that he actually had to walk away from his training officer to tip off the burglars.

Parsek also kept stolen drugs in his patrol car, according to agents, because his alleged partners did not think anyone would look there.

"The man who is supposed to protect you is the one that's taking your stuff," said Robert Draughton, one of the six victims of the alleged operation.

Another burglary case involved the family of a deployed soldier. When the soldier's wife tried to commit suicide, agents believe Parsek called his associates who then burglarized that home.

While Parsek's lawyer would not say what his client's defense is, prosecutors made their position clear, saying Parsek did "just about the lowest thing you can do as a police officer."

A federal judge in Wilmington is expected to make the decision about Parsek's bond, although no date has been set.


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