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Warren County Breaks Ground On New Animal Shelter

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WARREN COUNTY, N.C. — Warren County broke ground on a new animal shelter Wednesday after a 14-year battle to improve the treatments of animals in the county.

"I'm not sure why it has taken so long," Warren County commissioner Jan Humphries said. "I am just glad the day is finally here." In rural Warren County, there is no animal leash law, and the overpopulation of dogs and cats has become a problem, county officials said.

The current shelter, which is built with plywood and covered in tarp, is often overcrowded and does not meet the state's new standards for animal shelters.

"I don't think the people quite understand the fact that they need to get their dogs spayed and neutered so that we don't keep having liters and dogs running loose on the street," said Gail Wells, of Citizens for Animal Protection.

The new shelter will cost about $500,000 and will be paid for through county taxes and private donations.

Humphries said the new shelter will not only house animals, but it will be used as a teaching tool.

"There will be all kinds of ways to help people learn that animals are more than just for hunting and work and best friends," Humphries said.


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