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Human Remains In Minivan Those Of Missing Kinston Woman

Posted November 2, 2005 5:21 a.m. EST

— Craven County investigators said Tuesday that one set of human remains recovered Monday from a minivan that was buried in the Neuse River was the body of a Kinston woman who was reported missing more than 10 months ago.

On Monday, a crew removed a 1998 Dodge Caravan that records indicated belonged to Gail Haddock-Dail, 58, who, along with her granddaughter, Heather Roberts, 15, disappeared in early December 2004 while traveling to Virginia to see family members, authorities said.

Craven County District Attorney David McFadyen said the remains of what appeared to be two human bodies were found in the vehicle; they were sent for an autopsy to determine their identities and the cause of death.

Investigators said they had been able to determine how Haddock-Dail had died, but would not release that information. Medical examiners were expected to perform an autopsy on the other set of remains Wednesday.

According to authorities, Haddock-Dail's estranged husband, Glenn Dail, told investigators that his wife called him in the early-morning hours of Dec. 7, telling him she and her granddaughter were drowning. Then, the cellular phone went dead.

Investigators also examined the minivan, but would not release any details about their findings or how it may have ended up in the lake. On Monday, however, they told WRAL that they would look to see if the van was in gear when it went into the river, as well as check to see if the doors were locked and if the keys were in the ignition.

"While anything is possible, when you view the location, it's rather difficult to imagine that someone could become that lost at some point in time not to realize they were in the wrong place," McFadyen said. "And then, drive into a river."

Just two weeks before the disappearances, there was a fire at the family's home in Kinston that investigators said remains a mystery -- leaving many to wonder if the fire and the disappearance are somehow connected.

Glenn Dail was not at home Tuesday when WRAL tried to contact him; his attorney said he would not make any comment about the case.

Authorities said they have scheduled a news conference for Thursday morning to discuss the case.