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Thieves Target Pumpkin Patch Twice In Two Weeks

Posted October 30, 2005 8:49 a.m. EST

— Authorities are investigating two reports of larceny at a Chatham County pumpkin patch.

In the past two weeks, Jean Copeland, the owner of Ragan and Holly's Pumpkin Patch on N.C. Highway 751, has reported two thefts, where pumpkins, as well as cash and checks from a payment box, were stolen.

Last Sunday, the payment box was found unscrewed and the contents, about $300 to $400, had been taken. On Saturday, between 3 and 4:30 p.m., someone cut the lock on the box and took an undetermined amount of money.

Copeland said the pumpkins are bought on an honor system and have been like that for years without problems.

Besides the stolen money, her greatest concern is for the checks that were left in the box.

Concerned customers may call Ragan and Holly's Pumpkin Patch at

(919) 362-6031

to see if their checks were removed from the box before either of the thefts.