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NCSU Students Face Underage Drinking Charges Due To Online Photos

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Fifteen students at North Carolina State University face charges for violating the university's underage drinking policy because of photos that appeared on a Web site.

The photos were taken about two months ago and were posted to an online forum,


, which college students share photos and information

Luis Fonseca is one of the students living in Alexander Hall that was written up for underage drinking.

"It's basically me and my roommate walking down the hall," Fonseca said. "At the same time, a person is holding a beer in the background."

Fonseca said his resident advisor found the photos on the Web site and reported it to university officials.

"I feel harassed. I feel humiliated," Fonseca said. "My education is in jeopardy because of some pictures that don't prove anything."

Susan Grant, the housing director at N.C. State, said the resident advisor was just doing her job by enforcing the university's zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking.

"Students need to be responsible for the choices that they make and know that those choices they make lead to specific consequences that might have an impact on their eligibility to live in housing and perhaps their eligibility to continue as an N.C. State student," Grant said.

The students who face charges are scheduled to go before the Office of Student Conduct next week.

Depending on the offense, whether it is a first or second offense, the students may be assigned to an alcohol education class or placed on probation.


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