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Robeson County Deputies Investigate Home Invasion

Posted October 28, 2005 5:21 a.m. EDT

— Deputies said four men who posed as federal agents forced their way into a house in Robeson County, stole money and tortured a victim this week.

Edna Quick, who lives with her husband and son at 95 Jonathan St. near Maxton, told police that four men said they were ATF agents, flashed a search warrant, pushed their way inside the front door, tied up her family, and rifled through the house.

Then, things got worse, she said.

The men, who had guns, pulled out a blowtorch, asked her son for money, and scorched his back until he talked, Quick said.

"I could smell the flesh burning and I said, 'What are you burning? What's that smell?' And he said, 'That's my cigarette, Ma'am.' But it [wasn't]," she said.

Quick said she kept thinking about her son during the ordeal.

"He was begging them not to hurt us and I was begging them not to hurt him," she said.

Quick said the men stole what they could, including money, tools, shoes, and jewelry, and then left.

She said the family is stunned, but thankful to be alive and doing well.

Detectives said they believe the home invasion is linked to similar attacks, but they do know why the men picked Quick's house.