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Wake Forest Dorm Furniture to Fill Homes Rebuilt After Hurricane Floyd

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GRIFTON — Winston Mewborn is stretching hisFEMAmoney as far as it can go. Fixing his house is tough enough; filling it with furniture was just a dream, until now.

"You never have enough, and the money that we have, we don't have enough to refurnish this house, so anything we can get we'll definitely appreciate," Mewborn says.

Help is on its way as used dorm furniture fromWake Forest Universitywill soon be given away to flood victims in eastern counties.

The furniture would have been sold, but a school leader decided to give it away after hearing a sermon about conditions here.

Volunteers from the Piedmont and the east are bringing about 800 bedroom sets to a Baptist distribution center in Grifton.

The furniture will be given away first come, first serve. There are safeguards in place to ensure that only flood victims can get it.

"If they're signed up with us already -- which we have over 420 homes signed up with us -- they're automatically eligible for it," says Beddie Tarlton. "The other ones that are not signed up, they'll have to come in with a FEMA number so we'll know that this is a credible case."

Once all the furniture arrives, flood victims can make an appointment, as soon as next week, to pick up some.

They will have to take it immediately, since the warehouse does not have enough space to keep the furniture for long. And anyone who wants the furniture will have to find a way to get it home themselves.

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