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Former Storm Troopers Builder Is Nowhere To Be Found

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WILSON — Robert McKee, who promised to help repair homes damaged in the flooding in the eastern part of the state, is nowhere to be found.

The former contractor is accused of bouncing checks and taking money from flood victims without doing the work.

Georgia Williams has not heard from McKee in a month, even though she paid him $7,000 for flood repairs.

"He seemed like a nice guy and you know, he seemed real friendly, and I didn't think he would take us for our money," Williams says.

Scott Gay, McKee's former right-hand man, thinks the Ohio contractor has cut and run. He has not seen McKee in weeks.

"I quit my other job and went to work for him, and now he left me hanging there with the bills, and he's gone," Gay says. "He left us hanging. He left a lot of houses undone, and no one's been able to hear from him or see him."

A few weeks ago, McKee moved out of his Tarboro office and house without telling the owner. On Wednesday, his office parking lot was padlocked.

People say McKee did not finish a single home himself. Crews are still working independently, and wondering if McKee will ever resolve the debt.

"He just up and left, and nobody knows where he's at," says plumber Ronald Armstrong. "There was a lot of money collected, and it's got to be somewhere."

McKee's attorney says his case is moving along as scheduled. The charges are now up for a grand jury review.

The District Attorney's office says if McKee is in fact missing, it will go after him.