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Rocky Mount Woman's Prayer Brings Help From Church Volunteers

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ROCKY MOUNT — A Hurricane Floyd victim is accusing a contractor of taking the money and running. The contractor says it is all a lie. While investigators try to figure out who is at fault, volunteers are helping the woman rebuild for free.

Carolyn Williams is one of the few people who had more wind damage than water damage after Floyd. The wind wrecked her roof, and the rainwater left behind mildew.

Williams hired someone to fix it, but the roof repairs were never completed. In fact, her new roof failed inspection last week.

"Instead, I have a bigger mess than I had before Floyd," Williams says. "So, in other words, the contractor did worse than Floyd with me."

Williams called Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church for prayer and found herself getting more help than she expected.

Williams' pastor, Rev. Glenn Silver, talked to two groups, the Twin County Interfaith Recovery Initiative and the Rocky Mount Building Industry Association. With help from theWake County Home Builders Association, the groups are volunteering to fix the place.

"A lot of people probably think that people are getting back to some semblance of normalcy, but it's not the case," Silver says. "For a lot of people, the disaster is really just beginning to hit home as they have been out of their homes for so long."

The Twin County Interfaith Recovery Initiative is a new group of more than 20 churches that is helping flood victims. The temporary phone number is252-446-2378.

The contractor told WRAL that he did the work for free as a favor. He also denied doing some of the work. The Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office is looking into the case.

Whether homeowners are rebuilding from Floyd or having work done on their house for another reason, they can save themselves a lot of headaches by following a few simple rules.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • Never pay the contractor the full amount of the estimate upfront.
  • Homeowners can also do background checks on their contractor through thestate's Licensing Board for General Contractors.
  • Homeowners can also call919-571-4183for information on contractors.

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