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Builder Accused of Writing Bad Checks Tries To Make Good On His Debts

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Robert McKee, owner of the Storm Troopers rebuilding company, is doing his best to appease homeowners and subcontractors.(WRAL-TV5 News)
EDGECOMBE COUNTY — The owner of the Storm Troopers rebuilding company is doing his best to appease homeowners and subcontractors.

Robert McKee was arrested four times last week for writing thousands of dollars in bad checks. He says now he is making good on his debts.

"The whole thing was an error and I wasn't given enough time to correct the error," McKee says.

McKee says he has liquidated some property and is working individually with subcontractors to pay them. He says the problem started when some of his post-dated checks were cashed before some of his deposits were in.

"If anybody has any problems or has a check of mine, bring it to me. Don't bring it to the magistrate," McKee says. "I pay a lot quicker than the magistrate does, because all of that money I have to pay to get out of jail is less money that I can pay those checks with."

McKee is accused of passing $38,000 in bad checks to subcontractor Greg Baker.

"I don't want to get a lawyer and go through all that mess," Baker says. "I'm hoping that we can work things out and get this over with and go on."

McKee says his crews will finish the 30 houses he promised to complete. He is not taking new customers now, but says he might once the current cash problems are resolved.



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