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State Explains Redevelopment Plan to Flood Victims

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TARBORO — No one expects the state to replace the memories and priceless mementos lost in the flooding caused by Hurricane Floyd. But many people do expect the state to provide the money it will take to replace what can be bought. So far, many are disappointed. Redevelopment meetings may help change that.

State representatives are using the meetings to explain North Carolina's plan to help cities, counties and their residents rebuild.

The flood destroyed 7,000 homes and left 17,000 others uninhabitable.

The state has about $836 million approved by the legislature to help repair that and other damage.

The programs the state plans to fund include temporary housing, grants and initial interest-free loans.

Some people feel it is time that the state reach out to flood victims and tell them what they can expect.

"It's crucial that they step in. It's the people, young and old, that really need a lot of the answers," says Angie Candies of the Princeville Development Center.

State officials say $600 million will go directly into the hands of people who need it, while the rest of the money will go to programs, including housing buyouts.

Flood victims have until February 17 to register with theFederal Emergency Management Agency. Anyone who does not register by then will be ineligible for federal or state aid. For more information, call FEMA at(800) 462-9029.

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