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Volunteers Feel Right at Home Rebuilding in the Snow

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WAYNE COUNTY — The snow was justthe latest weather problemfor people down east trying to recover from flooding. But for a group of volunteers helping rebuild, the storm made them feel right at home.

They look like every other crew that has come to our corner of the world. But these volunteers are from Minnesota, and you can bet they see the irony. The largest snowfall on record came to town the same time they did.

Snowstorm or not, flood victim Bessie Tyndall says the Methodist volunteers are just what she needed. They missed only a couple of days work due to the snow, and they hope to have her back inside soon.

The volunteers are here as part of the Wayne County Response Team, a newly formed group that streamlines helpers in this area. They come from many denominations to help people who either do not have flood insurance or cannot fully recover with money from FEMA.

They are here to stay, hoping to simplify the volunteer effort and speed the recovery. And this bunch, at least, will not let what they call a little snow get in the way.

And more help is on the way. Governor Hunt announced earlier this week that $400 million is now available for homes, businesses and local governments damaged by Hurricane Floyd.

The money is part of the $836 million relief package approved by the legislature in December.

Homeowners who want to see if they are eligible for the money can call (877) 877-1766. Business owners should call (800) 258-0862.


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