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Volunteer Believes Shifting from Food to Funding Would Help Victims More

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GOLDSBORO — People have donated tons of food and supplies for flood victims. Some products are needed more than others to help those people get their lives back together.

Many victims say that food and water were very important right after the flooding, but right now, they need cash to get back on their feet.

When volunteer Don Shelton pays a visit to a flood victim, he never knows what he is going to find. However, he does know what they need. Money.

"Money is the big need to replace everything," said Shelton.

Shelton is part of a statewide group of volunteers going door-to-door to assess the needs of flood victims.

He says that people like Wayne County resident Grace Kelly are beyond the basic needs of food and water.

"We need money. That's the only way we are going to get back on our feet. There's plenty of water now I would think," said Kelly.

Donations of clothing are still pouring in to theSalvation Army, and food and water are piling up in their warehouse. At the local distribution center, things are slowing down.

"We were doing a whole lot, 400 to 500 a day. Now, we average about 100 or a 150," said volunteer Daisy Reid.

"I'm amazed at the good spirits the people are in," said Shelton.

Shelton believes shifting the focus from food to funding would help raise their spirits even more.

Shelton said he believes that churches and organizations that have been taking donations should start thinking about taking in money.

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