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Tarboro Residents Glad To Hear About Approval of Flood Relief Package

Posted December 16, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— Lawmakers voted unanimously for an $836 million flood relief package. For many flood victims, the money cannot come soon enough.

Major Stalls is glad to hear that millions of dollars are heading east. His home was damaged so badly that he had it towed away.

The World War II veteran is living in a backyard shed. The FEMA money he has received so far is not enough to put him back in a home.

"Well, it is going to cost more than what they gave me," Stalls said. "I have got to have some place to live."

News of the $836 million relief package is encouraging to flood victims.

Bessie Howard wants to know how the aid will be given out. She is glad to know that it is available but has already found herself in more red tape than she wants to battle.

"I don't think it's nice," Howard said. "I think FEMA should send the money to the people.

For Jordan Shaw, the money is becoming available at just the right time. Church groups helped to gut his home but he cannot rebuild without more help.

"They said the inside of the house had dried out, and they took the duct work out of the house," Shaw said. "They said that all I have to do is wait on the work to rebuild."