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Nashville Family Returns To Old Home After Floyd's Flooding

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NASHVILLE — One family in Nash County had more important things to do than shopping on Friday. They moved back into their home for the first time since Hurricane Floyd's flooding overwhelmed their neighborhood.

Two months after being flooded out by Hurricane Floyd, 79-year-old Theodore Pierce and his wife, Lucille, are finally moving back to their old house.

Pierce knows he would not have been one of the first to move back in had it not been for the kindness of neighbors and local churches helping make his home look like new.

"It feels good," Theodore Pierce said. "We're glad to get back here."

"People were mighty nice giving us all this stuff," Pierce said.

Most of the Pierce's neighbors are weeks or months away from moving back in, and are living out of FEMA trailers on their front lawns.

However, they draw strength from seeing the guy next door back at home.

"We lost everything, but people are helping us heal now by giving out a hand," said Horace Hedgepath, a flood victim. "It's the teamwork from our churches and our neighborhoods. It's a blessing."

"We didn't have enough to do our house with the money we got, so now, we see a way out."

People in the neighborhood say they cannot emphasize enough how much help they are getting from churches from all over the state as well as Kentucky and Florida. A number of homeowners say they should be back in their homes before Christmas.

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