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Princeville Reburies Caskets Unearthed By Floyd's Flooding

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PRINCEVILLE — Hundreds of caskets flooded out by Hurricane Floyd have now been returned to their rightful place.

The government says the task of reburying the caskets is almost complete. The U.S. Public Health Service is reburying up to 20 caskets a day.

Family members say they are relieved. But with the overwhelming chore of rebuilding, most are not planning new funerals.

"I don't think it's that necessary to have another funeral," said Johnny Clark, whose aunt is being reburied Thursday. "It's just to know they're back in their proper places, and I feel satisfied with that."

Almost all of the identified remains have been reburied.

About 40 that could not be identified are being marked with a serial number and buried in a separate cemetery Thursday. The serial numbers allow relatives to come forward at a later date and find their family members.

The unidentified graves are also being marked with flowers, purchased by health service employees.


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