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Pets Left Behind After Hurricane Floyd Now Available for Adoption

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RALEIGH — Hundreds of animals rescued from Hurricane Floyd's flooding are living in shelters. Now, you can give them a home because the animals are available for adoption.

There are 145 animals at theN.C. State field hospitalwhere they have taken in lots of animals that were either lost or abandoned during Hurricane Floyd.

Sundance, a dog at the field hospital, has seen his fair share of rain. The 16-week-old puppy is one of the smallest flood victims.

Monday, Sundance found a new home with Janet Parham.

"He's a sweet little dog as are most of the dogs out there. He's going to have a happy home now," said Parham.

Starting Monday, dogs like Sundance who are flood victims are available for adoption at local animal hospitals.

"You've helped an animal that needed help. I think that's good. I think that's what life is all about," said Dr. Dan Hudson of the Northwoods Animal Hospital.

Before they go to the local vets, the animals are nursed backed to health, vaccinated and neutered at the field hospital.

Many animals have not been claimed by their owners. Others have been turned over by flood victims who cannot keep them.

"Some people just felt that it is in their pet's best interest to try to find an adoptive home. They know that it will be a long time before they are going to be in a position to have a pet again," said Dr. Kelli Ferris of theN.C. College of Veterinary Medicine.

The adoptions are free, but they do want to match the animals with the proper homes and will be screening people.


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