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Princeville Kids "Adopted" for Halloween

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CARY — Just like Santa having a tough time finding you if you move, the Big Pumpkin might have trouble tracking you down if your town has gone under water.

That's the fix Princeville's children found themselves in this year.

They were ready to trick or treat, to get their mind off their troubles -- but they have no streets to meander, no sidewalks to stroll, no doorbells to ring.

That's because their town went under water in Hurricane Floyd's devastating floods.

So the Wake County town of Cary adopted Edgecombe County's Princeville to help out flood victims.

And part of that adoption plan included creating a Halloween event for Princeville's children.

Sunday, White Plains United Methodist Church in Cary joined in the good will by busing in dozens of Princeville kids for a big Halloween party.

It was a chance for the kids and their parents to escape the devastation and to enjoy a day of candy, games, and fellowship.

The kids were smiling and acting as if nothing bad is happening in their lives, just kind of forgetting all that for a few minutes, which made it all worthwhile for the day's organizers.

For their part, the kids judged it "fun."

Thanks to generous donations, Princeville kids went home with candy, plus home and school supplies.

Church members are already planning another outreach program for Christmas. So Santawillfind them, after all.


Kay Miller, Web Editor

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