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Questions Remain in Death of Durham Police Officer

Investigators said an in-car camera that was installed in a Durham police officer's cruiser was not working properly at the time of his fatal accident.

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Officer C.J. Callemyn
DURHAM, N.C. — Authorities have released more details of a wreck that claimed the life of a Durham police officer, but they have not been able to determine the cause.

According to investigators, Officer Charles Callemyn was driving west on Holloway Street early Saturday morning when something caused him to swerve abruptly to the left and head into the eastbound lanes. Authorities said the police cruiser started to slide and turn clockwise into the westbound lanes.

Investigators said the cruiser then hit a concrete bridge pillar, killing Callemyn instantly. The initial investigation suggests Callemyn's cruiser was going approximately 60 miles an hour when the accident occurred.

Durham police said the cruiser's in-car camera was working earlier in the evening, but failed to work at the time the incident occurred.

A representative with the company that manufactured the camera has been unable to retrieve any data or determine if the camera malfunctioned.

Durham police said Callemyn had not been in any prior vehicle accidents as a Durham officer and had a clean driving record.


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