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Floyd's Furry Victims Headed Home, Others Ready for Adoption

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RALEIGH — Just down the street from the N.C. State Fair is the animal field hospital run by N.C State's College of Veterinary Medicine. Pets rescued from Hurricane Floyd are being kept there.

The dogs and cats are ready to go home, and that reunion may come a little easier now. Starting Friday, owners have new avenues for finding their rescued pets. And, if those owners do not show up, these pets also have an avenue for finding a new home.

Daisy is one of the lucky ones. She is among nearly 400 animals who were rescued from the wrath of Floyd.

About 70 animals have been reclaimed so far. To step up the reunions, photo albums of the rescuees can now be found at area animal shelters.

The Vet School has launched aWeb sitewhich has pictures and descriptions of the animals in its care.

"We think that after they've had a chance to look at the photographs down there, that there will be a large number of people, based on the phone calls that we've had, that will be able to reclaim their animals," says Dr. Kelli Ferris, director of the NCSU field hospital.

A piglet named Millie is one of the more unusual residents at the shelter. She has just found a home. If the other animals are not claimed, they will need a home, too. All these pets will be up for adoption.

Michelle Merza, a veterinary student at the shelter, already has her eye on this little Abby.

"I like her a lot. She's just so cute you can't resist," says Merza. "But everyone finds someone they like particularly more than the rest, I think. So, she's my baby."

Merza can take Abby home November 1, when the adoptions start.

"There's so many dogs here that'll fit everyone's requirements and they're all wonderful, too. Especially with what they've gone through," says Merza.

If you are looking for your pet, call the field hospital's hotline at(919) 715-9679.

If you are interested in adoption, you are asked to check theWeb sitefirst, then call the hotline after November 1.


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