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DOT Hires Contractors to Collect Curbside Debris

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SEVEN SPRINGS — In neighborhoods hit hard by flooding, huge piles of debris remain. TheDepartment of Transportationdoes not have the manpower to haul away the trash to area landfills, so the state is paying other people to get the job done.

While the DOT is overseeing the cleanup, they have hired 150 contractors statewide at a cost of about $85 million.

Even a small area, like the Wayne County town of Seven Springs, has more than its fair share of debris.

"It's a pretty big job," says DOT supervisor Marcus Lee. "It will probably take a week or two to clean it up."

Twenty contractors are working in Wayne County. Many, like a crew from Alabama, are from out of state.

"It makes you feel good," says contractor Jerry Holcomb. "We've had people come on down and storm our homes and help us. It's real nice to help somebody, you know."

"I think it is the most wonderful thing," says W.A. Weeks, a resident of Seven Springs.

Weeks and his wife appreciate the efforts of the cleanup crews, but they choose not to watch as their possessions are carried away.

The DOT says flood victims need to get their debris out to the curb as soon as possible, especially in Wayne and Edgecombe counties. That is where crews will intensify their cleanup efforts over the next week.

The DOT says crews will make another sweep over the area in the future.