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Setting Different, But School Resumes for Two Edgecombe County Schools

Posted October 10, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— After being closed for nearly three weeks, Princeville and Patillo elementaries joined other Edgecombe county schools in reopening after Floyd Monday morning.

Students, teachers and administrators are dealing with some big changes.

Some teachers predicted there would be a lot of hugs, a few tears -- and a lot of time spent talking about everyone's experiences.

Students missed being with their friends.

Today, students were dropped off on a new street and made their way to a new campus.

The first lights went on early.

Many teachers are dealing with less space and fewer materials.

Patillo's 12,000-book library is down to a mere 60 volumes.

As expected, traffic was a challenge. Another challenge is that students will have to eat in their classrooms -- there is no central cafeteria -- and maybe the worst part will be using portable bathrooms, just like those used at construction sites.

So far the campuses have received the students' stamp of approval.

Students at both schools will use the trailers until the end of the school year, if not longer.

The state will decide if it's cheaper to repair the schools or just build new ones.