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Sanford Church Donates Cars to Flood Victims

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TARBORO — Flood victims in Edgecombe County are trying to return to their normal routines. But for people who lost their cars to water, just getting back and forth to work is an ordeal.

On Saturday, a Sanford church donated 12 used -- but dependable -- cars to flood victims. The congregation bought the cars and paid the cost of tax, tags and title for the new owners.

Like so many people who have come to the aid of flood victims in the last few weeks, they did not want their names used.

They want their good deed to speak for itself.

"A lot of people don't want everybody to know what they've done," said Edna Proctor, a member of the congregation. "In the Bible, it says God will richly bless us if we do things that are not told outside."

Linda Davis is one of the recipients of the church's gift. The church donated the car to her because her truck was ruined by flooding in Pinetops.

As she got behind the wheel for the first time, she was overwhelmed by this generous gift.

"This to me is a miracle," Davis said. "'Cause I didn't have anything to drive. And they just called and said they had a car they were going to give away. I was so happy. I still am."

Delphia Wheeler and Michael Allen Sipe also received one of the cars. They were planning their wedding before the flood.

"It's been a little hard but we're going to make it," said Wheeler. "We really are. We love each other and we're going to be great together."

Some of the flood victims who got cars work for the health department. Now that they've got wheels, they can get back to work helping other victims recover.

A car dealer who belongs to the church in Sanford helped organize Saturday's donation.