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Some Non-Profits Fear the Giving May 'Give Out' Before Christmas

Posted October 4, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Many people have already given generously to victims ofHurricane Floyd. Some local agencies who rely on that same generosity are afraid their holiday season might not be as bright.

For the less fortunate during the holiday season, charity becomes a way of business. With Floyd coming first, some non-profit agencies worry there will not be enough giving to go around.

Some seniors get a jump on their day at the Duke Street Senior Center. They get a hot meal and companionship, but there is worry just how long it could continue.

"We are afraid we are going to go without the financial services we need to provide the quality of services required," said Joan Pellettier, executive director of the Council for Senior Citizens.

It is a common concern for non-profits. North Carolinians have opened their hearts to Floyd victims, but many can only afford to give so much. Regular Christmas givers have already given.

TheTriangle United Wayhas already seen some regular corporate donors choose Floyd victims as their cause this year.

President Tom Dugard is the first to admit that it is a worthy cause. However, he worries that will hurt funding for local non-profits.

"We are concerned that a lot of people don't realize there are storms here in people's lives everyday, and we need to balance that a little bit," said Dugard.

It is not just goods, but also services. Volunteers have been busy this year with theU.S. Open, theSpecial Olympic World Summer Gamesand Hurricane Floyd. TheSalvation Armyis afraid they may lose dedicated Santa's Helpers.

"It's been a continuous ball. People haven't had the time to stop, relax and reflect, but hopefully they'll stay with us. We need them," said Ashley Delamar of the Salvation Army.

There is still the possibility that some agencies will receive an increase in donations around Christmas.

Many people will have seen all that groups have done to help Floyd victims and may want to continue to support their efforts.