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Several Dogs Reported Missing In Wilson County

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Wilson Dogs
WILSON, N.C. — Several people in Wilson say thieves are behind their missing pooches.

Wilson County Animal Control officials said they started receiving calls on Monday. By Friday, there were eight reports of dogs disapperaing from people's yards. According to officials in each case, the dogs taken were small and pure-bred.

Animal Control Director Carl Utley belives someone is driving around Wilson County looking for small dogs left alone in the yard. He said someone stealing those types of dogs often uses them as "bait" dogs for illegal dogfighting rings.

"We hope this is not the case, but we do know for a fact that does happen," he said.

They use small-breed dogs to teach other dogs, mostly dogs like pit bulls, to teach them how to fight.

The Wilson Police Department and Wilson County Sheriff's Office have not received any reports about stolen dogs, but they said if someone is caught stealing the animals, they can face criminal charges.

Animal Control officials are urging people that if they allow their pets to play outside, they should stay outside with them and keep a close eye on them.


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