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Wood Warping Issues Lead Wake Forest Man To Five On Your Side

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. — Justin Aldridge's dog, Dallas, was the reason he wanted a fence around his back yard at his Wake Forest home, but he also wants the fence to look nice.

"If you'll look down the fence here, you can see how it's shaped kind of like a "C" instead of staying straight," Aldridge told WRAL's Five On Your Side.

In June, Aldridge paid Seegars in Raleigh $2,303 to install the fence. A couple of months later, he noticed horizontal support boards were warped. A Seegars representative came out.

"I asked him if he would be happy with this fence, and he said that he wouldn't be, but that he would have to talk to the owner," Aldridge said.

The representative later called Aldridge to say the company does not guarantee wood fences against warping. He pointed to the "limited warranty" that says the company only supplies replacement boards, but not labor unless the problem is identified "within 10 days." But Aldridge said he was never told any of that.

When Five On Your Side called Seegars, company President Marvin Rouse also pointed to the warranty, but added he "didn't realize" the warping information was not included in the initial paperwork. He said because of that, the company would replace the boards.

But the next day, Rouse told Five On Your Side that he was not sure if the company would replace the boards. The day after that, Rouse said he decided to remove the whole fence and give Aldridge his money back.

Then, the company sent statements to Five On Your Side saying that after speaking with Aldridge, they could " work out a satisfactory arrangement." But later, Rouse told Five On Your Side he would not replace the boards if this story aired on WRAL-TV, but would still give Aldridge the boards.

"I don't really feel that's satisfactory," Aldridge said. "I paid quite a bit of money for the fence, and I don't feel like less than three months later, I should have to be the one to fix it."

Rouse finally told Five On Your Side that he would not have his crew fix the fence because if he did, he would then have to do that for other customers whose fences warped. He did say though, that from now on he would make sure that his sales representatives tell customers about the warping problem before they sign a contract.

As for Aldridge, since Rouse will not provide the labor, he will take the boards and do the job himself.


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