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Five On Your Side Sits Down With Woman To Fix Upholstery Problems

Posted October 19, 2005 6:11 a.m. EDT

— It can be tough to find people you trust to do work. That's why when someone has done a good job in the past, you usually go back to that person. One woman did that, but she still had problems.

If Maureen Banker's "reading couch" could talk, it would probably have lots of stories to tell. It's one of two couches in her home that are more than 100 years old. Back in February, Banker hired George Peterson Upholstery Services to re-upholster them. She had used him before and liked his work.

"He seemed very enthusiastic about the chance to work on these," she said.

The cost for the repair was $1,150. Banker paid $500 upfront. A month later, Peterson delivered the first couch. He needed another month for the other one and another $300.

More than a month later in April after Peterson didn't return messages, Banker paid him a visit.

"He had it stripped all the way down, but it was way over in the corner and obviously wasn't being worked on at the time," she said.

Peterson promised to finish by August, but he did not finish the project. Banker said he just kept making and breaking promises.

"We kept calling and he kept saying it would be here and would set up a time and it would not be here and we wouldn't hear anything. This went on until our daughter suggested that we call WRAL," she said.

Five On Your Side called Peterson. Within a week, he delivered Banker's re-upholstered couch. Peterson agrees Banker's wait was unreasonable and said there's no excuse. He said he just got "overwhelmed" and took $150 off Banker's bill.