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Man Flashes Hot Dog Vendor At Cary Kids Park

Posted October 17, 2005 9:56 a.m. EDT

— Police said Monday that they did not believe a man who exposed himself at a Cary playground over the weekend had any interest in children, but warned parents to be watchful while at the park.

Police said the incident happened Saturday at Kids Together Park near Cary Parkway and Tryon Road when the man flashed himself to a hot dog vendor.

"He was given a hot dog, and he paid for it," said Cary Police Capt. Dave Wulf. "But right after he had the hot dog and change in his hand -- and with his left hand, he lifted his shirt and exposed himself."

Authorities said the man was in his early- to mid-40s, stood approximately 6 feet tall and weighed between 190 to 205 pounds. He was further described as having salt and pepper hair and wearing silver glasses. He was seen driving a Chrysler Town and Country minivan.

Police said Saturday's incident was not the first time the man had been seen at the park. He had also been there on Friday with two young children, but police said there had been no reports that he had bothered anyone.

The man went back to the park for a third time Sunday, police said, but left when the vendor spotted him.

For mothers who regularly take their children to the park, the recent report of a flasher had given them pause.

"It just makes me nervous," said Cami Yurko, who brings her two children to the park.

Cary police said Saturday's incident was not related to a similar crime along Black Creek Greenway in August and September when they said a man exposed himself to at least four women. He usually appeared in the morning, wearing nothing but a hat or bike helmet, investigators said.