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Some N.C. State Fans Pointing Fingers At Amato

Posted October 14, 2005 7:33 a.m. EDT

— During N.C. State's home football game Thursday night against Clemson, a fan yelled out: "I'm tired of it."

When head coach Chuck Amato's face popped up on the Jumbotron at one point during the game, a herd of fans even booed.

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  • So now, after the Wolfpack's 31-10 loss to Clemson to drop the team to 2-3 and give State its sixth straight ACC loss at home, fans have begun the debate: Should Amato stay or go?

    During a call-in segment on the local 850 The Buzz's radio show Friday, one State fan said: "Chuck needs to go." Another added: "Good gracious! The coaching staff is horrible."

    Radio host Chris Clark said fan criticism was fair, but he said he did not believe the football program has reached the point where Amato should be fired.

    Compared to "where the program was previous to him showing up in Raleigh, Coach Amato has brought N.C. State so far in the perception outside just this area," Clark said.

    "The team has been in more games and been close in more games than they ever were before he arrived, " he added.

    Some of the radio audience appeared to agree with Clark.

    "I just think we need to give [Amato] a break and give him an opportunity to do his job," one State fan said.

    Aaron Sine, a lifelong season-ticket holder, said he was willing to do that, to a point.

    "If something doesn't change this year or next year, we probably do need to make a change," Sine said. "We expected more so we are disappointed right now because he hasn't been delivering on the field."

    Attempts to contact N.C. State Athletic Director Lee Fowler Friday were unsuccessful. After State's loss to UNC-Chapel Hill several weeks ago, Fowler did say he was 100 percent behind Amato.


    Terry Cantrell