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Homeowners In Hope Mills Say Builder Let Them Down

Posted October 12, 2005 9:33 a.m. EDT

— Angela Nichols paid more than $250,000 for her house in Hope Mills.

"It's a beautiful house," she said. "But because of what we've gone through, I don't enjoy being in here."

She said the builder, Chris Bledsoe, promised to fix things but didn't.

And Nichols and several other homeowners in the Fox Meadow subdivision, which is near Legion Road, said they are upset.

Nichols has a list of complaints, which include drainage problems in the yard, warped wood on the deck, and screens missing from the windows. She also said that inside the house, some doors were on backwards.

Her neighbor has examples, too.

"We were in the house probably two months when water came pouring through my son's bedroom," Elizabeth Hope said.

She added that her roof leaks and the driveway dips.

Bledsoe defended his work and said he built 90 homes last year and received fewer than five complaints.

"We have fixed everything we can possibly fix," he said. "There are maybe one or two that we are working on."

WRAL asked Bledsoe about Hope's case and Nichols' case. He said one let the warranty lapse, and the other had something personal against him.

Nichols is selling her house, while Hope said she "shells out big bucks" for repairs so she can keep her home.

"It's almost sickening, but it's our home and we have got to have it fixed," Hope said.

Homeowners are not the only ones pointing fingers at Bledsoe. Three suppliers have said he did not pay them, and they have sued.

Last month, a judge awarded the suppliers more than $100,000.

Bledsoe said he spent the past two years in and out of the hospital and has been selling his business. He added that he's back on track.