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Local Nurseries Have Water Consumption Down To A Science

Posted October 5, 2005 10:38 a.m. EDT

— Raleigh is waiting to see how much relief Tropical Storm Tammy's remnants will bring before making a decision on mandatory water restrictions. However, businesses that depend on water are keeping tabs on their consumption.

The water pinch is especially tough for local nurseries. If they don't water the plants, they don't make money. So some nurseries have got water consumption down to a science.

"We're supposed to be in the middle of the fall planting season, but it's been pushed back by our elongated summer," said Cheryl Daly, owner of Buchanan's Nursery.

At Buchanan's Nursery, in Raleigh, water is the lifeblood and plants are money; rain or no rain, Daly isn't about to let her investments die.

"We've been watching how we irrigate," she said.

The nursery recycles water through a well and then irrigates in sections.

Daly said the irrigation system keeps the nursery going.

"We can really pinpoint the ones that need water without having to water the entire area," she said.

But Daly said you don't have to install a complicated irrigation system to save water.

First, you don't have to water your plants every day, she said. She recommended you water every two or three days.

Also, avoid putting your plants near the sidewalk or driveway, she said. Cement surfaces reflect heat and can quickly evaporate water.

If you really want to save water, get a gator bag, she said. You fill them up with water and wrap them around your plant; the bag will slowly release water to the root of the plant so you don't have to use sprinklers.

Daly also said just keeping your soil fertilized will help save water because that locks in moisture.