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New State Laws Take Effect

Posted October 1, 2005 6:45 a.m. EDT

— Organizers want the N.C. State Fair to leave lasting memories and not lifelong health problems. But the latter is what happened to a 2-year-old girl who contacted

E. coli

while visiting a petting zoo at the fair last year.

So starting Saturday,

Aedin's Law

is in effect, and that means the N.C. Department of Agriculture will now inspect all animal exhibits for cleanliness.

The new law is one of about 75 state laws that took effect Saturday. From the state fair to the state highways, lawmakers made changes that could affect you.

Below is a list of some of the new laws and links to the legislation.

  • Evidence/Speed-Measuring Instruments


    In traffic court, in order for radar guns to be used as evidence, speed-measuring instruments are required to be tested for accuracy each year.

  • Jury Exemptions/72 and Older


    People 72 years and older can request exemption from jury duty.

  • Mediation Amendments


    During child custody disputes, the court can appoint a parenting coordinator, or a qualified mediator, to serve as a go-between among parties.

  • Domestic Violence Victims Empowerment Act


    Domestic violence victims can apply for a temporary handgun permit.

  • Motor Vehicle Repairs/Clarify Cost of Repair


    Car repair shops must provide a written estimate if the repairs will cost more than $350.

  • State Contracts/Report Outsourcing


    Vendors bidding for state contracts have to disclose whether services will be performed outside the United States.

  • Display of Official Government Flags


    No one, including neighborhood associations, can tell you


    to fly a U.S. flag or any other governmental flags.

  • For a complete list of the 75 pieces of legislation that took effect Saturday, which does not include bills not yet signed by Governor Mike Easley, click




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    Bobbie Eng