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Fuquay-Varina Takes New Approach To Town Government

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FUQUAY-VARINA, N.C. — There's a new look to downtown Fuquay-Varina and a new approach to town government.

This week, the Southern Wake County town began polling residents, business owners and developers in an effort to wipe away past perceptions and move forward.

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The independent assessment will cost the town $50,000, and the survey will be mailed to more than 1,000 residents. Anyone who lives in Fuquay-Varina also can participate by filling out the survey on the town's

Web site


"They want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly so they can address all three," a Fuquay resident said.

It's also a way to address past problems and move forward.

From broken-down trash trucks to police resignations, lawsuits and the town manager's unexplained resignation, Fuquay-Varina has had its share of controversy.

Through surveys and focus groups, town leaders are looking for honest impressions of how the town is perceived. They want opinions on the overall performance of government services for a town that is growing.

In the next five years, the population of Fuquay-Varina is expected to increase by more than 4,000.

Many customers at Jason's Pizza have watched the town expand.

The restaurant has been in Fuquay-Varina for 20 years. Ralph Smith has been here even longer.

"I've based my whole life here," Smith said.

Smith, an architect, said he wants more conversation, but he doesn't know that the assessment can fix everything.

"Anytime you deal with government, it's hard to deal with," he said. "But that's just the way it is."


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