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Henderson City Council Candidate Says Intimidation Motive For Broken Windows

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HENDERSON, N.C. — A shattered storefront window is usually not a cause for alarm in the small community of Henderson, unless you are Henderson City Council candidate Deryl Von Willams.

"I believe that the breaking of my store window is definitely connected to the campaign," Von Williams said.

Von Williams' name will not appear on the ballot for October's municipal election. She is a write-in candidate who routinely offers controversial views on local issues.

Hours before she was to speak at a candidate's forum on Sunday, Von Williams says someone broke her store window. Then, on Tuesday, she says someone broke another window at the store.

"People don't break glass for no reason," Von Williams said.

Nothing was taken from the store either time. Von Williams says robbery is not the reason for the broken windows, but that intimidation is.

She admits she has a long shot in the Ward 3 race, but that her reason for running is to motivate voters to go to the polls.

But she has angered some voters for her criticism of a city with high crime and high unemployment.

"But now, I'm making it public and some people see that as a threat to the status quo and I assure you it is," Von Williams said.

Her two city council opponents have not publicly criticized Von Williams, but they have called the window breaking incidents "deplorable."


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