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Durham School Board Members Expected To Appear In Court

Posted September 21, 2005 7:37 a.m. EDT

— Seven members of the Durham school board, plus Superintendent Ann Denlinger, have been subpoenaed to testify in court Wednesday.

Curtis Gatewood was arrested during a Durham school board meeting last April for protesting a new policy governing public comments. He is charged with obstructing justice.

It is not the first time Gatewood ran into trouble with the school board. In 2002, police removed Gatewood from a meeting in handcuffs. That time, he was upset by a close vote that re-elected Kathyrn Meyers to the school board.

Gatewood was later found guilty of second degree trespassing.

Steve Matherly and Carol Walthour were also arrested for disrupting a school board meeting in April. Last week, a judge found Matherly not guilty of disorderly conduct and trespassing. Walthour, who is charged with inciting a riot and assaulting a government official, is scheduled to go on trial Monday.