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New High-Tech Procedure Helps Men With Enlarged Prostate

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Like 80 percent of men his age, 60-year-old Harold Bernstein developed an enlarged prostate. One common symptom was difficulty using the bathroom.

"My bladder was not emptying. My kidney was in jeopardy," Bernstein said.

Medications could help with the problem, but he needed something more immediate.

And traditional surgery, called TURP, means a few days in the hospital and the risk of impotency.

"I had many sleepless nights thinking about that and about walking around with a catheter for days or weeks on end," he said.

Then he heard about GreenLight, a new high-tech procedure that can provide a quick fix.

The GreenLight procedure has several advantages over traditional prostate surgery. First, the procedure is less invasive. It's also less painful and requires little recovery time.

Urologist Dr. Lawrence Yore said the GreenLight Procedure is a real advance.

"Instead of using electrical energy," Yore said, "it uses a laser to vaporize the prostate tissue."

As the prostate grows in size, the prostate can narrow the urethra and block urine flow.

During the GreenLight procedure, a small scope goes up the urethra. The laser cuts away prostate tissue, and the urethra is opened.

Plus, it's a "same day" surgery, and results are immediate and long lasting.

"Most of my patients who are in their 60s or 70s, we give them a 25-year guarantee," Yore said.

It worked for Harold Bernstein.

"No pain whatsoever," he said.


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