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Program Tackles Threat Of Diabetes In Children

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Tyler Yon
RALEIGH, N.C. — There is plenty of talk about the epidemic of overweight children. One reason that there is so much concern is the increased risk of diabetes. One program at WakeMed helps kids avoid that diagnosis.

Precision comes with practice. For color guard member Tyler Yon, practice means a good workout.

"It's fun and you get a lot of exercise because you got to run across the football field and everything," Yon said.

Exercise is something Won tries to get more of these days, ever since she graduated from WakeMed's pre-diabetes program called "



The children who join the program have a body mass index greater than 85 percent. Blood sugar and lipid panel tests show they are not diabetic, but they are in a range called pre-diabetic. They may also have a family history of diabetes, like Yon.

"I was kind of scared at first, because I know what happened to my dad before he got it," she said.

Yon learned how to avoid diabetes with registered dietician Julie Paul's help.

"We focus on a healthy attitude and behavior change. We talk about body image and self-esteem," Paul said. "We try to make it fun so that they can learn things in a fun way."

Program participants meet three days a week for 10 weeks. They spent 45 minutes in class and 45 minutes for exercise. Another great benefit of the Energizer program is a free 10-week family exercise program at the YMCA.


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