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Halifax Community College President To Keep Job

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Ted Gasper
WELDON, N.C. — The president of

Halifax Community College

is under state investigation for several complaints from students and former teachers. Gasper defended his actions Tuesday to the Board of Trustees.

Reviewing a thick 3-ring binder full of explanations of most every issue that has drawn the ire of students, community and state investigators, Gasper started with the criticism of his firing of several instructors.

"You have every right, if you have a C-minus instructor to try to recruit an A-plus instructor," he said.

Gasper then went on to comment on the firing of an instructor who had worked for the college for 29 years and was let go just months before earning full retirement.

"I don't keep up with months of retirement. Ted Gasper does not make any personnel decisions on any of these terminations," he said.

Gasper threw his strongest punch at the state Board of Community Colleges as it is launching a state probe into Halifax Community College and going public with the allegations.

"Come down here and tell me what the problem is. Let us solve it," he said.

Students lashed back with their dissatisfaction with the loss of courses.

"I am two classes away in graphic design in graduating. Up until two days after classes started, I was not offered the classes I needed. They didn't seem to be concerned," student Shannon Higgs said.

The meeting ended with a sign of even more trouble. The board of trustees attorney abruptly resigned. The chairman refused to consider discussing Gasper's future, so nine members held their own meeting, then decided not to take any action until they can find an attorney to advise them.

Two members of the State Board of Community Colleges sat in on the trustees' meeting, but would not comment on Gasper's remarks. The state's probe into Halifax Community College is expected to take another month.


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