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Cary Man Says Chickens Could Be Used To Fuel Vehicles

Posted August 30, 2005 11:27 a.m. EDT

— A Cary man said he has found the answer to our fuel problem and it involves chickens. It would cost you pennies a gallon, but does it pass the smell test?

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Dean Gokel, a scientist who works out of a lab in Cary, said he can take chicken scraps and turn it into synthetic fuel that can run your car.

"I'm making fuel for pennies a gallon," he said.

Gokel created a dark, sludge-like fuel made from chicken parts. Gokel also said his fuel burns cleaner than diesel fuel or gasoline. Eventually, he said, he could figure out how to mass-produce the stuff as a real alternative to gasoline and oil.

Gokel has already been successful at using the bio-fuel to power small engines.

"I'm making small batches five gallons at a time, but I need to make a large-scale batch so I can tell the world to put it in a car and drive away," he said.

However, some businesses in Cary are not pleased with Gokel's idea.

Officials said several neighboring businesses have complained to the city that the stench is so bad they have to go outside their offices to catch a breath. Gokel acknowledges the problem but argues it is the price of progress.

"There's an odor. Sure. There are rules about odors, but everyone's trash stinks, and I'm trying to put it to use and do something with it," said Gokel.

The city has ordered Gokel to stop making the fuel until he can figure out a way to better ventilate the odor. Gokel contends his landlord should fix the ventilation system.