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Football Dreams Crash For Some Louisburg College Student-Athletes

Posted August 23, 2005 1:05 a.m. EDT

— A coaching controversy has some students packing their bags before classes start at Louisburg College.

More than 100 students found out they did not make the football team even though coach Tim Newman promised them a spot.

"He told me that he could use somebody with my size, my height on the defense and I was guaranteed a spot," said John Taylor, who was cut from the team.

College officials will not say why, but they admitted Newman recruited too many athletes.

"[It was] really more than the college could accommodate on a football program. That was a concern that we had," said Dr. Reginald Ponder, president of Louisburg College.

Newman said he was not given a warning.

"I'm really saddened for the players and the parents paying $19,000 to attend Louisburg and then they pulled the carpet out from under their feet," Newman said.

"After this whole thing, I don't want to play football anymore," said Jeremy Samuels, who was cut from the team.

The NAACP met with school leaders. Newman said a lawsuit is probable.