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Kenly Officials Argue Trees Cutting Down On Town's Exposure

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Kenly Trees
KENLY, N.C. — The town of Kenly does not exactly pop out at motorists on Interstate 95. Except for the signs, there is little visible evidence from the highway that the town actually exists.

"The problem is you can't see us," said Dale Moore, chairman of the Kenly Area Chamber of Commerce.

Moore said the lack of exposure means problems for businesses.

"We need all the help we can get," he said.

Moore and other town leaders said it is time to take the trees out. Moore said cutting the trees is part of a multi-step strategy to tap into Interstate 95.

"We want to cut down some select trees, not all of them. We want to cut down the trees that expose Kenly," Moore said. "We need jobs, and to get jobs we need growth and to get growth, we need business and to get business, we need visibility."

The state Department of Transportation has already said it will not cut down the trees, so town leaders are still trying to figure out exactly how they plan to do it.


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