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Police Say House Fire, Subway Restaurant Car Crash Linked To Same Person

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HOPE MILLS, N.C. — Cumberland County investigators continued their investigation Tuesday of a house fire that is connected to a car crash at a local Subway restaurant.

Police say

Moulay Idrissi Hassani

, 24, of

5231 Blanchette St.

, worked at the Subway restaurant on

North Main Street

near Camden and Hope Mills roads. Authorities believe he had a problem with his boss and may have tried to get even with him.

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    Early Tuesday, firefighters were called to Hassani's house, which he rented from his boss, according to investigators. They are not sure if he set the house on fire, and if he did, if it was on purpose.

    Officers say Hassani left the house in flames and then drove to work, where he allegedly crashed into a table and chairs outside the restaurant.

    Witnesses say Hassani then ran off, and one witness claims Hassani even tried to take his car. Moments later, police arrested Hassani.

    Hassani made his first appearance in court Tuesday morning, where he asked for a court-appointed attorney. He is currently in the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $10,000 secured bond.


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