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Car Crashes Into Subway Restaurant, Police Look At Possible Link To Fire

Posted August 15, 2005 6:05 a.m. EDT

— Hope Mills investigators believe two incidents that happened within a short time of each other Monday may be connected in some way, but they have not said how.

Police said someone set fire to a house in Hope Mills. A few miles away, they arrested the man who they say lived in the house after he allegedly crashed a car into a table and chairs outside a Subway restaurant at Camden and Hope Mills roads.

Andrew Dice was driving in the Subway parking lot when he says the suspect left the wrecked car and tried to commandeer his.

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  • "I was looking back," Dice said. "That's when he just came flying up to our car, opened up my car door and was like, 'Get out, I'm police.' And I was like, 'What?'"

    Dice says he did not give in and that the man got into someone else's car. He said he followed the man through the parking lot until police arrived.

    "So, I followed him all the way to the light and that's when I heard all the sirens and that's when I got out of my car and I was like, 'Right here, right here,' Dice said. "And they pulled him over right there. So they're saying I was pretty much the one that stopped him."

    No one was inside the house and no one was hurt at the Subway restaurant.

    Police have not released the suspect's name or any information about the charges he may be facing.